Thomas C. O'Connor

Nonlinear Mechanics & Rheology of Soft Materials

Welcome to my research website. Here you will be able to learn about some of  my scientific interests, links to resources I have developed for the community, and some updates on past & current activities.

I am currently a Harry S. Truman Fellowship at Sandia National Laboratory. My research program focuses on modeling the nonlinear hydrodynamics of polymers during additive manufacturing and other industrial processing methods. I apply theory and simulation at the molecular and continuum scale to better understand how soft liquids and solids deform and flow during manufacturing. 

More broadly, I am interested in understanding the atomic scale mechanisms that produce macroscopic mechanical and rheological behavior in soft and biological materials. In particular, by understanding the dynamics of polymer materials driven far-from equilibrium by flow and applied fields, we can manipulate and control material microstructure and properties in real-time during advanced manufacturing methods like 3D printing.